Hugo J
Mark V

AYVY is an Electronic-Pop and Alternative-Rock duo formed in Helsinki at the beginning of 2015 by Hugo J and Mark V. The name resulted as an acronym out of "Audio and Video And...", denoting the aspirations to eventually make AYVY an art collective branching into Films and other mediums. The Latin American background of its members also makes a cameo appearance (in Spanish, "Y" means "And").

AYVY released the Schizo EP in the fall of 2015 on Soundcloud, and started production of their debut album immediately afterwards. In the middle of production, the band saw its members experimenting with Drum Machines and Synthesizers which lead to demo tracks with a defined Electro-Pop aesthetics. The debut was then expanded to a double feature exploring two genres. Their Alternative-Rock album Schizostereoparanoia was released on iTunes and Spotify on May 4, 2017. Their Electro-Pop Neon Lullabies on May 5, 2017.